Living well starts at home.

We create high-quality, mixed-use communities in America’s cities.

Thrive Living is a national real estate development and investment firm. We are active in some of America’s leading urban centers, creating vibrant mixed-use communities for better living.

Our collaborative design process places a premium on efficient and creative use of space. We utilize a cost-effective, innovative, modular design that delivers modern amenities in efficient spaces, while keeping rents accessible to a wide range of local residents.

Thrive offers dynamic, community-serving areas throughout our properties. Working in partnership with local non-profits, we activate these areas with a wide mix of on-site programs to meet residents’ needs and priorities.

By focusing on quality of life, we build communities that our residents are proud to call home.

A community-first model.

We recognize that living well extends beyond your front door.

Thrive invests in communities. We deliver much needed affordable housing, community-serving retail, and high-quality jobs in urban centers.

We enrich the living experience by designing common areas—such as landscaped walking paths, gardens, and basketball courts—that provide comfort, well-being and joy.

And we are proud to partner with local organizations to activate community spaces with education, recreation, arts, and wellness programs to help our residents and their families thrive.

These unique programs result from good listening and great partners … and a fundamental belief that local leaders and our residents have the keenest insights on what contributes most to better living.

Creating a vibrant sense of place.

Our community design promotes opportunities to come together.

We believe that people recharge when they’re immersed in an enriching environment.

That they’re energized by neighbors who share their passions.

Whether a rooftop cookout with your neighbors, family yoga on the landscaped lawns, or swimming lessons for the kids, we know it’s important to create spaces that promote wellbeing.