Addressing housing needs.

Affordability is crucial to our community-focused model.

Thrive Living acquires underutilized properties in communities where new housing is in short supply. The properties we acquire and develop are all privately financed, without the use of scarce government subsidies such as tax credits, enabling us to make a bigger impact and build more affordably priced housing without any funding constraints.

Community-focused model key features:

  • We deliver a mix of low-income and workforce housing at affordable rent levels.
  • Our innovative modular design enables us to drive down construction costs and to achieve rent levels that are accessible to local residents and young professionals.
  • We strategically build in communities near transit corridors to make it convenient for residents to use public transportation. We also seek to build near job centers where affordable housing options are in short supply.
  • Our design philosophy places a premium on modern efficiencies and creative use of each residential unit, with the understanding that true living takes place beyond the unit itself.
  • Our properties feature desirable community areas with resident-centered programming. And we take pride in providing all kinds of spaces, including rooftop terraces for grilling, landscaped courtyards and gardens, swimming pools, basketball courts, and fitness centers to promote health, and well-being, and community-building.

Contributing to the local economy.

Attracting quality retailers and creating jobs is part of our mission.

We look for opportunities to attract regional and national retailers who are not currently in the neighborhoods where Thrive communities are located.

We encourage local hire initiatives in partnership with the quality retailers we recruit.

We also create opportunities for local contractors and service providers to participate in the development of Thrive communities.

And we often partner with local economic development groups to support meaningful training, mentoring, and career-building programs for local residents.

Leading with innovative, sustainable design.

Modular approach streamlines construction and promotes environmental best practices.

Our modular apartments are built in offsite factories, reducing construction impacts on local neighborhoods and shortening time frames to complete Thrive communities.

We build using leading sustainability features to promote environmental best practices. Our communities feature energy efficiency programs, water conservation measures, drought tolerant landscaping, and many other strategies to reduce our carbon footprint.

Thrive prides itself on strong relationships with local architects and urban planners. Their local knowledge and perspective help ensure that our communities respect the history and character of local neighborhoods.